Billie Eilish’s 2020 tour doesn’t include Buffalo, so why not scheme up a conceptual 2021 concert at Canalside Buffalo? This should be a location specific design, featuring something unique to Buffalo, while staying in keeping with Eilish's aesthetic, which is bold, bright, disconcerting, and includes a lot of green and black.
My design concept was an illustration of Billie rising through the waters of Lake Erie on South Bay Bessie, the legendary Lake Erie lake monster, in three bright, exciting colors. South Baby Bessie is a mythological creature that jives well with Eilish's whimsical, disconcerting vibe.  There is a pop of white in Eilish's eyes, which ties in with her “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” album art. ​​Grunge text gives concert information, including concert title, location, and artist name. The location snakes along South Bay Bessie’s neck, and the artist name blends with the seaweed, unifying text and art.  The repetition of the poster in different colors adds interest and makes for an eyecatching display.
The design also makes a fun T-shirt! 

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