A Vermont maple sugaring operation, Moore Maple was started by Gregory Moore when he was eight years old. His first sugaring setup was a campfire in the front dooryard with a large soup pot to hold the bubbling sap. He's been sugaring for 13 years now.

​When it was time for me to do my college senior project, it made sense to design a brand identity for Moore Maple. Greg wanted a modern logo with a traditional feel that could be used for business cards and on a website.
The logo is designed in the style of a woodcut, to convey the old-timey,
​back-to-the-land vibe of Vermont maple sugaring.

​I gave Greg the choice of the logo with or without textured lines in the background, and he chose the former. 
The logo can be used in either a vertical or a horizontal format, which is useful in different branding collateral products.
I also designed a website for Moore Maple. You can view the live site here

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