It's been a delight to design for Manolo's Best Farmstand Chili. Manolo's has created a healthy vegan chili, as well as initiated a veteran hiring program within their company. Great company values!
Veteran Recruitment Flyer
I worked with Mitch (business owner), and Cheryl (director of communications) to create a flyer to encourage Veterans to work at Manolo's Best Farmstand Chili. I used a red, white and blue color scheme to echo the colors of the American flag, and a dog tag photo incorporated into the headline to speak to Veterans. The verbiage, which I pulled from the Manolo's website and edited a bit to fit into our space restrictions, describes Manolo's commitment to giving back to the community and supporting Veterans.
Game Season Flyer
It was the start of football season, and Manolo's decided to market to game watchers. I used an illustration of a football, which incorporates nicely with the Manolo's logo and overall aesthetic. The overall color scheme of the flyer is built from colors from the Manolo's logo.
Sale Flyer
Manolo's needed a sale flyer to hand out at their sale locations not only to advertise their sale, but also to raise brand awareness. Manolo's brand colors and a handwritten text keep this flyer on brand.

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