The Kingdom Guide is a bi-yearly informational magazine. It has become a popular staple at rest stops, restaurants, and gas stations as a source for what's going on in The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
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Essex House & Tavern
​Island Pond, Vermont

This design for the Essex House & Tavern was dictated by their elegant logo. I requested a photo of the tavern and used that as the visual secondary to the logo. I chose to use white text and a black overlay to stay in keeping with the logo. Text is kept at a minimum for a clean look. 
Allen's Kitchen & Bath
The client provided logos and photography for these two full page ads. A different brand of cabinetry is featured in each ad. The Crystal Cabinetry ad is light and airy, utilizing a white overlay on the photo and a purple color block accented by a yellow border. The Woodland Cabinetry ad is a bit darker with a black color block and yellow border accents. The yellow accents tie both ads together, and the different color schemes make each ad stand out as its own. 

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