Flipped Vermont
Hardwick, VT
I created two distinct brochures - one for B2B clients, and one for B2C clients - for Flipped Vermont.
Brochure, B2B

This tri-fold brochure is geared towards facilitating B2B business. Clean and simple, it is the accumulation of several years of Flipped Vermont's advertising distilled down to the key elements and organized according to category. I pulled elements from their website, including the icons and quotes. The design is black and white, keeping everything clean and consistent with the Flipped Vermont logo. 
Brochure, B2C

This brochure was designed with B2C business in mind. This allowed us to have a little more fun with the concept, and I developed the "done with computer problems?" slogan and graphic to relate to an audience that might not have so much experience with computers, and therefore be more frustrated than most. This brochure focuses less on the data security that Flipped Vermont offers to customers and more on the everyday  consumer computer problems. It also explains the solid state drive to a demographic that is likely to have never heard of the concept. 

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